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  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
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Virgin Coconut Oil (Pack of 2)

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INGREDIENTS - 100% Coconut Oil
OIL TYPE - Carrier Oil
APPLICATION - Internal & Topical
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN - Proudly Made in India
CONTAINER TYPE - Glass Bottles
SHELF LIFE - 6 Months
MATERIAL TYPE FREE - No Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Sulphates or Parabens
ADDITIVE FREE - No Fragrances, Additives or Preservatives

If you love coconut oil and its healing powers, you are at the right place! 

Kold Pure Press (KPP) virgin coconut oil is extracted from the finest quality coconuts, 100% pure and cold-pressed to retain it's natural healing properties. This ultimate nourisher arrives at your homes, completely unadulterated to provide you the the best of nutrition and glowing health.

Consumption/Cooking - KPP virgin coconut oil can be consumed in it's natural form or added to your food, salads and smoothies for that essential dollop of nutrition, or used as a substitute to ghee/butter.

Oil Pulling - Used primarily in ancient ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling helps strengthen teeth and gums, lessens bad breath and whitens teeth

Babycare - Babies, soft and precious deserve nothing but the best for their supple skin. This oil is Mother Nature's loving and highly nutritious gift, adept for baby massage and treating nappy rashes.

Hair-care - Its innate properties prevent hair fall, control dandruff and strengths your treasured hair.

Skincare - It acts as that impeccably natural and excellent moisturizer you were hunting for to nurture your skin.


We probably don't have to tell you coconut oil, also referred to as lauric acid, is the oil that is derived from coconuts—that much is self-evident. But it's the components that make up coconut oil that are important to point out here. The lauric acid found in coconut oil can have antimicrobial properties, which can help kill bacteria on the skin and reduce inflammation.3 Additionally, coconut oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid, which can be used as an emollient and skin soother.

  • Cooking

    This Raw Virgin Coconut Oil makes a great cooking and medium heat sautéing oil. Use it in stir fry, soup, and pot roast recipes to add a delicious mild coconut flavor to your favorite meals and snacks.

  • Baby Massage

    Our Coconut Oil is gentle enough for babies too. Moms love that it's cold pressed and made from a single ingredient, so they know what they are putting on baby's skin.

  • Promotes Healthy Hair

    Coconut oil has been used for generations to help keep hair moisturized, lustrous and healthy. It's the beauty secret you'll want to share!

  • MCTs

    Our Coconut Oil is naturally rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) supplying natural energy to your body. Use it by the spoonful to add creamy richness to smoothies, salad dressings, or keto-friendly coffee.

  • Oil Pulling

    Oil pulling involves swishing oil around the mouth, using it like a mouthwash. It has been used for thousands of years as an Indian folk remedy.

    The main benefit of doing this is that it reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

    The bacteria in your mouth create a biofilm on your teeth, a thin layer known as plaque.

    Having some plaque on your teeth is perfectly normal, but if it gets out of hand, it can cause various problems, including bad breath, gum inflammation, gingivitis and cavities.

    The way oil pulling works is simple — when you swish the oil around your mouth, the bacteria get swept away and dissolve in the liquid oil.

  • Better Baking

    We can confirm, it makes the perfect butter and vegetable oil substitute. Toss diced veggies (sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts are a couple of our favs) in our Coconut Oil with a dash of sea salt for roasted veggies that are unforgettable. From breads and muffins to brownies and desserts (like Chocolate Almond Energy Bites—recipe below!), the possibilities are endless.

  • Pet care

    Used externally, it can help moisturize paws, preventing paw pads from becoming dry or cracked

  • Cooking and Dietary

    Sautéing or stir-frying: Use 1–2 tablespoons of this oil to cook vegetables, eggs, meat or fish.

    Popcorn: Drizzle melted coconut oil on air-popped popcorn or try it in this stove-top popcorn recipe.

    Baking: Use it to coat poultry or meat before rubbing with seasonings.

    For immunity and digestion

    1) Drink 1 tbsp of Coconut oil daily in the morning or
    2) Use a few drops of sweet coconut oil along with coffee or
    3) Drizzle some coconut oil in salads as dressing

  • Haircare

    Take enough amount of coconut oil in a bowl. Use your fingers to gently massage the coconut oil into your scalp. Apply it on your hair from root to tips. Put your hair in a bun and cover with a towel. Leave in for atleast 30 minutes to a few hours. Carefully wash out the coconut oil with a chemical free shampoo.

  • Babycare

    In summers, it can be used as it is without heating, whereas in winters you will have to slightly warm it up for use. Once you have the oil ready, you can start by applying some onto your baby's chest using upward strokes with gentle hands. Continue by applying oil onto your baby's head, arms, neck, legs and feet. Massaging in circular and upward motions will help in increasing blood circulation. It can be used more than once in a day. However, avoid using any oil near or in your new born baby's nose, navel, eyes or ears. It could lead to infection or fungal growth if left unseen.

    Note - Recommended for babies above 6 months

  • Freshly made in small batches

    Our products are made in small batches in our unit in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

    It will not be more than 15 days old from the manufacturing date by the time it reaches you

  • Whatsapp Update

    As soon an order is placed, an order confirmation mail and a Whatsapp message will be sent immediately

  • Shipping Time

    Ships in about 4-10 days to more than 90% of pincodes in India.

    Shipment tracking details will be sent to your Whatsapp number as soon as the order is processed.

  • Safely Packed

    Worried about glass bottles breakage? It's on us. Its securely packed.

    Transit damage is our responsibility. In the worst case of any such damage, refund or replacement is offered immediately.

  • Returns

    The product can be returned if you are not happy with the product

    Initiate a return request within 15 days of receiving the product

    100% amount will be refunded

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