Our Philosophy

Quality with Conscience!

Our idea is to make products with honest ingredients that we use for ourselves, for our family, from children to grandparents keeping their well-being in mind.

Our Promise:
  • 100% Natural (All our oils are made from plant parts like seeds, nuts, leaf, etc)
  • 100% Cold Pressed (All our oils are cold pressed at a temperature below 45 deg C)
  • 100% Fresh (We use the freshest produce of the season and the products are made in small batches on a made-to-order basis.)
  • 0% Adulteration (All our oils are free from adulteration by cheap mineral oil, palm oil, rice bran oil or other)  
  • 0% Blending (None of our oils are blended with low quality variants of non-cold pressed oils (hot expeller pressed oils and refined oils)
  • 0% Chemicals (Our oil extraction process is untouched by chemicals, with zero preservatives, additives, colouring agents, stabilizers, deodorizing agents)
  • Glass Bottles (We do not want the plastic to leach into our products, hence we use glass bottles, which is both good for our health and the environment)
  • Honest (Read the label. We dont hide any ingredients. We fully disclose our ingredient list and we've stated all the ingredients used in each product.)