Not that average substandard oil!


Kold Pure Press is a 100% pure, all-natural, premium cold-pressed oil brand. 

Our oils are healthy, tasty, versatile and retain the maximum nutrition since they are freshly extracted by cold pressing finest quality seeds, nuts and kernels, carefully and responsibly sourced from local farms and our own farms.

100% Natural

All our oils are freshly cold pressed in small batches on a made-to-order basis at a temperature below 45 deg C from 100% plant parts like seeds, nuts and kernels only

0% Blending

Our oils are not adulterated with harmful and cheap oils such as mineral oil, hydrogenated oil, argemone oil, etc.

Also, none of our oils are blended with low quality variants of non-cold pressed oils such as hot expeller pressed oils and refined oils

Honest Ingredients

Our products are untouched by chemicals,  preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, deodorizing agents, etc.

We do not hide any ingredients. Ingredients used in most cases are just the seeds/nuts/kernels and absolutely nothing else

Glass Bottles

We do not want the plastic to leach into the high-quality oils, hence we use glass bottles, which is good for our health and the environment

Cooking & Dietary

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Haircare & Skincare

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Verified Amazon Reviews

Fabulous product. Dry skin was my biggest concern and it works wonders on it. It makes my skin soft and smooth. People with dry skin should go for it.

Gaurav Oswal

Kold pure press is one of the only few coconut oil which integrates food taste well while not dominating it.
You can also feel its health improving effects from very first meal.

Sarthak Gupta

I really like the the consistency and the colour of this castor oil. I usually use it as a part of my skincare as a carrier oil and in haircare along with onion oil. Can also be used to stimulate growth of the eyelash. Very effective.