Purity Promise

The Kold Pure Press brand represents quality with conscience. We emphasize the importance of using a quality oil for all occasions. 

100% Natural

"What you sow, so shall you reap".
We oblige ourselves to always stick to this phrase, metaphorically and quite literally.
Keeping it all natural, is our top most priority. We strive to make Kold pure press's name synonymous to nature. Once we promise, so shall we deliver.

100% Cold Pressed

Cold pressing seems simple conceptually, but in fact is not. Cold pressing is an age old technique which we have adopted and revolutionized to match highest standards and put out maximum efficiency. Cold pressing is the best for extraction of food grade oils, as it has no chemicals involved, it requires minimum physical contact from human beings and it is unparalleled at retaining all the vital nutrients of the source ingredients. The "cold" in cold pressing is quite necessary, as it inhibits the risk of free radicals that may arise dur to higher temperatures.

0% Chemicals


Our oils are virgin oils, Virgin oils are considered to be the epitome one can achieve regarding its purity. Virgin oils are those oils which have been extracted directly from the natural produce without any chemosynthesis involved, i.e. there are no refinement processes involved. These oils are essentially the very essence of mother natures gifts. 

0% adulteration

Kold pure press, as the name is indicative, provides nothing short of utmost purity. We strictly use zero adulteration methods. This ensures that what you get is completely safe and radical free. Our oils impervious to causing inflammation or allergic reaction ever!

0% blending

"Looks may be misleading". Keeping this phrase as our our warning, we at Kold pure press have took an oath to never use any additives to "augment" our products to look better. We refrain and strictly discourage the addition of foreign oils or paraffins to our mild and pure oil.

Glass Bottles

Kold pure press truly believes in sustainable production and it consciously gives back, what it has borrowed from the mother nature. From the glass bottles to the residual waste that is generated while producing our oils. Everything has been planned and crafted so that it is hundred percent recyclable/reuseable. We are also adapting more and more alternative renewable sources of energy, which enables us to leave almost no Carbon Footprint. Our ingredients are locally sourced, which has enabled us to develop a deep relationship with the local producers, apart from business interests, essentially creating a community around our cause

100% Pure

For us purity and quality are not limited to our ingredients only. The process of production is equally important and for that very reason kold pure press manufactures all of its produce in a state-of-the-art facility, where the oil goes through bare minimum human contact. It is stored in a very controlled environment pre and post production. This facility also allows us to proclaim the achievement of unparalleled hygiene standards.

Honest Ingredients

For our product to be flawless, our source ingredients had to be impeccable. Our ingredients are locally sourced, where they have been nurtured in an honest organic manner. Not only that, they are further enriched with vital minerals to even more enhance their potency. This increases their potentcy to a great level and provides you with the benefits never before seen in this industry.