Our Mission

Quality with Conscience!

Our idea is to make products with honest ingredients that we use for ourselves, for our family, from children to grandparents keeping their well-being in mind.

Our Mission is to provide healthier alternatives to adulterated and highly unhealthy food products (loaded with chemicals and preservatives) flooded in the market that affects every member of our family day to day.

We thrive on the mantra 'prevention is cure' and 'what better medicine than good food'


We are constantly working on spreading awareness about the reality of today’s daily use products.

We at Kold Pure Press strongly believe that there’s a strong need to unveil the harsh truth of many commercial brands who are selling their products in such a way that no one gets to know the reality of their products and the harm it gives to one’s health.

Our vision is to give consumers a wide range of healthy products which are made only from healthy raw materials and are completely free from all chemicals and harmful health effective additives and educate them about the effects of these products on their health.

All the raw materials are either from our own farm or ethically sourced from farmers in and around our area on a fair trade policy simultaneously bettering their livelihood. Also, we are very proud that most of our workforce are women from nearby villages - Our baby steps towards contributing to their empowerment.