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  • Combo - Sweet Almond Oil + Coconut Oil + Castor Oil (Each 60 ml) freeshipping - Kold_PurePress
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Combo - Sweet Almond Oil + Coconut Oil + Castor Oil (Each 60 ml)

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OIL TYPE: Carrier oil

APPLICATION: Internal & Topical

SUITABLE FOR SKIN TYPE: Dry, Combination, Oily

BENEFITS: Controls Hairfall, Strengthens Hair, Moisturizes Scalp, Increases Hair Volume, Anti-Frizz, Repairs Dry Hair, Repairs Damaged Hair, Promotes Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth



  • Castor Oil 60 ml : Consists of 90% ricinoleic acid which is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Ricinoleic acid accelerates blood circulation to the scalp, hence increasing hair growth. It works on nourishing the scalp and strengthening the roots. It's also a good source of omega-9 fatty acids which feed the hair follicle. It also has the unique ability to penetrate the deeper layers of skin.


  • Sweet Almond Oil 60 ml 

    Almonds contain various health benefits, but almond oil is often less frequently used. That said, the oil can be used in cooking and as part of your beauty routine to moisturize your hair and skin. 

    A plant-based, heart-healthy oil that contains monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, almond oil is often added to many beauty products for the hair and skin and can be bought as a cooking oil.


  • Coconut Oil 60 ml : A light emollient that softens and hydrates the scalp and hair shaft and forms a protective barrier to retain moisture, soften and condition the hair and scalp.