If you want to grow a thick and strong beard, Moringa oil would be your ideal bet. With the richness of phytonutrients, it can soften your beard hair and nourish your skin like never before. Let’s understand about its benefits in detail.

Benefits of Moringa Oil

Natural cold-pressed moringa oil is rich in many nutritional compounds. They include several sterols, monounsaturated fats, protein, and tocopherols. It has many medicinal properties and very beneficial for hair/skin treatments. It can be used as a topical moisturizer and cleanser. It has a very nice floral smell that can help get rid of scalp-related odors. If you have dry and irritated skin, then a few drops of moringa oil can do miracles to the skin. Especially as beard oil, it can help soothe the facial skin while you are growing out your bear or just maintaining it.

Now that you’re convinced that it is going to benefit your beard, it’s time to know how to apply it in the first place.

How to use Moringa oil?

  • When you are growing your hair, there are chances of frequent itching. This is because the dry skin underneath gets trapped by the hair follicles leading to itchy skin. Using a good exfoliating cleanser and a few drops of moringa oil every day can help calm the inflamed and irritated skin.
  • Having dandruff in the beard is a normal thing, just like you have in your head. This happens when the skin underneath the beard gets very dry and flakes off. You need to comb it through and apply moringa oil to keep it moisturized.
  • If you have a patchy beard, then there can be several factors contributing to it. It can be genetics, acne, dry skin other skin conditions. However, it has been noticed that regular use of moringa oil nourishes the hair follicles and skin. This, in turn, stimulates hair growth and the appearance of a fuller beard.
  • When you have difficulty maintaining a healthy appearance of your beard or need to style it, you need moringa oil. It is a much healthier option than using hair gels and hair sprays. The chemicals used in them can damage your hair and cause skin issues. Some ingredients can also cause allergies. Hence, use moringa oil to give you a more refined bearded look.
  • The best time to use the moringa oil on your beard s right after a shower. Your face will be clean, and there will better chances of absorption. Put a few drops in your palm and work it through your beard for even distribution. You can also warm up the oil if you want. Gently massage the facial skin beneath the beard. If the beard is too long, then comb it through. Ideally, apply it once a day but if the climate is too dry, then use it twice.

End Thoughts

Moringa oil is not just good for your beard but also for your skin, hair and overall health as well. So, make sure you buy 100% pure and natural cold pressed Moringa Oil and use it regularly for 4-6 weeks and be assured of its benefits on a full scale. Cheers!