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Oil pulling for Oral Hygiene

Oil Pulling with Kold Pure Press

O for Oil pulling!

What is Oil-pulling?

Oil pulling is a process that involves quickly swirling oil around in your mouth and spitting it out. The process of oil pulling usually requires a quick swirling of oil followed by 5-20 minutes of rinsing. 

In ancient medicine, oil pulling was a process that would help to balance and remove bacteria and have a wealth of healing properties for the mouth as well. Oil pulling therapy can have a healing property on the sinuses and for the rest of the body as well.

How to attempt oil-pulling?
1) Take a tablespoon of virgin cold pressed sesame or coconut oil and swish it around your mouth.
2) Keep swishing it around for about 15 minutes, making sure not to swallow the oil.
3) Spit the oil out. 

* For best results, attempt oil-pulling on an empty stomach.*

What are the benefits?
Coconut Oil and Sesame oil are recommended for oil-pulling since they can help you with oral issues like plaque, weak gums, germs, tooth decay, bad breath and even help your immune system. 

Oil pulling you can kill the germs and also pull them out from the depths of your mouth. Your gums will be moisturized, teeth will feel clean and your jaw will feel strong with just 15 minutes of daily oil-pulling.

Time to go grab the nearest bottle of coconut oil or sesame oil or buy our cold pressed virgin sesame oil and start oil-pulling!