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Choosing Fat-free food? Think Twice!

Fats, for long have been demonized and It has been ingrained to us to look for fat-free foods through advertisements. We have ignorantly avoiding those fats that our body needs, not realizing that we are stripping away an important nutrient from our body.

Contrary to popular belief, fats in food aren’t our long-lived enemy, but in fact, an important resource that helps us keep moving. It provides us with the energy we need to keep our body running and have many more important benefits. If you would ask someone to define fats, they’ll probably tell you it’s just something that’ll make you gain weight and cholesterol, when in reality it isn’t any close to the truth.

So, what are fats exactly?
Fats or triglycerides are basically a sub-group of lipids, which is basically a molecule that acts as a waxy layer in cell membranes. Lipids also consist of other important components like vitamins, oils, waxes, sterol, and steroids. They help the flexibility of the cell membranes and helps the filtering of what goes in and out of the cell membranes and helps it to send and receive signals throughout the body. These molecules help the human body function normally.

Fats can easily be found and devoured from various resources like nuts, seeds, and kernels. They can also be obtained in varying quantities in different types of fruits and plants. One of the most common places to consume fats from is meat with certain types of meats having high quantities of it. Eating dairy products like butter, cheese yoghurt, and milk are also an easy way to consume fats.

You need fats, here’s why:
Fats has a lot of benefits and are a necessary staple in our daily life. Fats are one of the most important macronutrients other than carbohydrates and proteins. Fats provide our body with vital nutrients that are stored and slowly consumed and dissolved over time as per body needs. Fats play a big role in regulating the body. Including them in our diet helps us have a balanced and healthy body.

Fats are an indispensable source of fatty acids that are necessary for the body’s vital functions, without which we cannot live without. Fats also absorb Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, which can’t be absorbed without fats since they are all fat-soluble only. They also insulate our body which in turn, guards our vital organs. Fats boost our body and brain to develop and help us have a moderate and healthy level of metabolism. They help our immune system build-up and function properly and avoid blood clotting.

Key Takeaway:
We literally can’t live without fats which makes them a necessity. We shouldn’t skip healthy fats in our diets and should try to consume them in necessary quantities according to our body's need. Our meals should include a basic amount of healthy fats to help us have a healthy body.
So now that you know fats aren’t your actual enemy, stop obsessing over them, and stay tuned to know more about Fats!